Battery Pack


Milu Odourless toilet accessory

Designed exclusively for use with Milu Odourless toilets, the Battery Pack incorporates a smart activation motion sensor that automatically activates the toilet’s odour control system when a person sits on the toilet. The compact lithium Ion long life rechargeable battery comes with a mounting dock and offers a convenient alternative to connecting the odourless toilet to a general purpose power outlet.

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  • 7500mAh lithium ion battery
  • 18–20 Hours usage (approximately one month of use for a typical family)
  • Intelligent proximity sensing to turn the fan on and off when someone uses the toilet
  • 1 Minute run-on time with manual over-ride on/off button
  • Ergonomic dock for simple disconnection for charging
  • 6-hour recharge time
  • Adjustable activation sensitivity
  • Battery status LED indicator

The battery pack is mounted adjacent to the toilet. The built-in intelligent infrared proximity sensor activates the odour control system when the beam is disrupted by somebody using the toilet.