Expella Mini Box Fan


The Mini Box Fan is designed and manufactured in Australia by Expella.

Its compact and versatile design lends itself to installation in small spaces and it can function as an inline or wall mounted fan.

The Mini Box Fan is suitable for a variety of domestic applications and can be easily installed by the home handyman.

It may be used to either supply fresh air or extract stale air and can be run continuously due to its low wattage.

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To be used in conjunction with an internal grille, when installed as an in-line fan with rigid or flexible ducting (not included).

Works with long ducting lengths (up to 20m).

Suitable for domestic single room applications.

Can be installed by a home handyman or industry professional (electrician or air-conditioning installer).

Environmentally friendly, low wattage fan.

Maximum performance under pressure.

Innovative design with 2 optional inlets for inline or wall mounted applications.

Works as either an extraction or supply air fan.

Designed and manufactured in Australia by Expella.

Compatible with standard 40mm diameter PVC pipe.

Easy to install 12 volt system.

DC Brushless Fan Motor for maintenance free operation and continuous running.

Supplied with 12 volt transformer.