Shadowline Exhaust Kit for Bathrooms & Laundries


The Expella Shadowline Exhaust Kit will suit residential bathroom and laundry ventilation requirements.

The kit features Expella’s Shadowline diffuser.

This is an internal ceiling grille that is designed to be discreet, almost invisible, sitting in the shadow line of a ceiling or at the wall / ceiling junction.

The diffuser is compatible with a range of ceiling systems and has an adjustable length.

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Suitable for domestic single room applications for bathroom and laundry exhaust.

Can be installed by a home handyman or industry professional (electrician or air conditioning installer).

1x Expella EMF150 fan.

12 m 150mm diameter flexible duct.

1x Shadowline Diffuser.

150mm Non-return damper.

150mm external grille (plastic).

Cable ties.

4 meters of silver tape.