Milu Odourless toilets eliminate bathroom odours at the source.

Milu Odourless Toilets

Milu Odourless by Expella is an exclusive range of toilets that eliminate bathroom odours at the source. The toilets feature an in-built ventilation system that quietly extracts odours from the toilet bowl, discharging them directly into the sewer before they can be released into the bathroom. The result is an odour-free bathroom that increases comfort and wellbeing in the home, and reduces the need for harmful aerosols.

Milu Odourless toilets are available in a range of contemporary designs for back-to-wall and in-wall configurations. The toilets are easy to install and have all of the quality features homeowners have come to expect from a modern toilet including soft close seats and rimless design for effective flushing and cleaning.

Milu Odourless Mod back-to-wall toilet suite

Back-to-wall odourless toilets

Our back-to-wall toilets sit flush against the wall with the pipes hidden from view

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Milu Odourless Mod in-wall toilet installed in Alexander House

In-wall floor mounted odourless toilets

Our floor mounted in-wall toilets have the cistern hidden in the wall cavity

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 Milu Odourless Mod in-wall wall mounted toilet suite

In-wall wall hung odourless toilets

Our wall hung in-wall odourless toilets are a premium design, with the cistern hidden in the wall cavity and the pan elevated off the floor

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Milu Odourless Brushed Stainless flush plate installed in Alexander House by Alexander & Co

Flush plate options

We offer a large range of flush plates in a variety of styles, colours and finishes. – there's something to suit every bathroom.

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Milu Odourless Seat Cover Options

Toilet seat options

Choose from our range of ergonomically designed, soft close, quick release toilet seat and cover options

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Milu Odourless battery pack and PIR motion sensor

Odourless toilet accessories

Our range of smart odourless toilet accessories includes motion sensor controllers and a battery pack with sensor

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Good Design Award Best in Class for Milu Odourless toilet in 2020

Milu Odourless toilet awarded Best in Class at the Good Design Awards in 2020

“A clever blend of design and technology innovation brought together to resolve an age old problem. This has the potential for significant commercial impact on the toilet market, particularly in commercial fit-outs that tend towards in-wall cisterns. A potential game-changer for this market. True design innovation that solves a problem and has the potential to make a positive impact on the quality of our lives."

2020 Good Design Awards Jury comment

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What customers are saying about Milu Odourless toilets

Milu Odourless Toilet

I've been using Expella's extraction system in toilets since 2005, and have just started installing Milu Odourless toilets on my residential projects. The quality is of a high standard, which is important to my clients, and the all-in-one unit makes installation simple. No one really wants to talk about bathroom odours, but my clients are always so happy. I almost feel irresponsible not installing Milu Odourless toilets!

Ian Westlake
Builder, Sydney NSW

Milu Odourless toilet

The Milu Odourless toilets we have installed in our Waterloo offices work wonderfully. I am glad we installed one in every bathroom as they certainly do what they claim!

Damian Abdul
General Manager, Orion Mechanical
Alexandria NSW

Milu Odourless toilet

We are really happy with the effectiveness of the Milu Odourless toilets. We have installed many of these toilets and found them to have quality components that are easy to install. The odourless system works so well, I’ve installed one in every bathroom of my home.

Mark Jones
Director, Shore to Flow Plumbing
Sydney, NSW

Milu Odourless toilet

We recently built a new guest bathroom in the centre of the ground floor of our house. Having no windows in the centre of the house we were faced a very difficult and costly solution to exhausting the new bathroom. I was lucky enough to find the Expella odourless toilet. Not only was the exhaust problem solved at a fraction of the cost of the ducted exhaust, we were happy that the architecture of the toilet was equal to the upmarket alternatives. The most impressive aspect of the internal exhaust system is that the odours never leave the pan, unlike normal ceiling exhausts where the odours pass your nose on the way to the ceiling. Yes, clearly we were ecstatic with the solution and the aftersales assistance. So much so that we purchased another toilet for our laundry that could have been exhausted conventionally.

Stewart McGeady 
NBC Consulting Engineers
Dee Why, NSW

Milu Odourless toilet

For about a year now we have had a Milu odourless toilet from Expella in our bathroom. It’s been a life-changing experience! It has an automatic ventilator that effectively extracts all the odours that you don’t want to deal with in your every day to day life.  We also like the sleek, seamless design that’s easy to clean and the seat’s very comfy too!

Klara Harvey
Fairlight, NSW
Milu Odourless by Expella logo

Milu Odourless stockists

Milu Odourless toilets are currently available through select retailers.


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Bathroom Collective (instore only)

Candana (instore only)

Elia Bathrooms (instore only)

Design Bathware (instore only)


Cirillo Lighting & Ceramics (instore only)


E&S – Chadstone (online and instore)

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