Ventilation kits

Expella’s Ventilation Kits are all-in-one packages that contain everything you need to set up a ventilation system. The kits feature some of our most popular products and include a fan, grille(s), ducting and installation accessories making the whole process simple. There is a kit for most types of ventilation including inline, header box, sub floor and heat recovery.

Ventilation kits

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  • Compact Exhaust Kit for Bathrooms & Laundries


  • Heat Transfer Fan Kit


  • Linear Slot Exhaust Kit


  • Roof Fan Ventilation Kit


  • Shadowline Exhaust Kit for Bathrooms & Laundries


  • Slimline Exhaust Kit


  • Subfloor Ventilation Kit


  • standard exhaust kit

    The Standard Ventilation Kit


  • Universal Ceiling Fan Ventilation Kit


  • Wall Fan Ventilation Kit for Bathrooms & Laundries


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