Quiet Flow Multi Exhaust Kit


The Quiet Flow Multi Exhaust Kit has been designed for multi-point residential bathroom and laundry exhaust and comes with the following components:

1x EMF200 silent inline exhaust fan with built in
back draft damper
• 1x 6 metre length R0.6 insulated flexible duct
• 1x 8/6/6 branch take off
• 3m x 200mm dia. 3 Zero flexible duct
• 1x 300mm x 300mm weatherproof external aluminium louvre with plenum box and 200mm spigot
• 8m aluminium silver tape
• 8x cable ties

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Suitable for domestic multi-room applications including:
– Bathroom exhaust
– Laundry exhaust
– General kitchen ventilation systems

Can be installed by a home handyman or industry professional (electrician or air conditioning installer).

An all-in-one ventilation kit that is suitable for multi-point ventilation systems
• Pair this kit with any of the products in Expella’s internal ceiling grille range (internal grilles are not included)
• Kit contains a high performance inline fan capable of exhausting 840m3/hr (free air)
• Fan comes with an external high and low speed switch on the fan
• Fan is fitted with a 3 pin plug making the kit DIY friendly