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Installing Milu Odourless toilets

Milu Odourless toilets can be easily installed by a licensed tradesperson and are designed to suit a wide range of plumbing and bathroom configurations with universal trap and inlet options. Watch the videos or download the installation guides on this page for more information.

Commonly asked installation questions

Milu’s Odour Control System requires a power source, what are my options?

Milu’s odour control system can be powered by a DC power cable that connects to mains power, or by a rechargeable battery pack.

If connected to mains power, Expella recommends the odour control system switches on with the Expella PIR Motion Sensor or with the bathroom light, it can also be shared with the exhaust fan or by a designated switch depending on customer preference.

The Intelligent Lithium Ion Rechargable Battery Pack has an integrated proximity sensor which automatically turns the fan on and off when someone is in close proximity of the toilet. The battery will provide up to 18 hours continuous usage  approximately 3-4 weeks typical usage) and is supplied with a charger. To recharge, simply undock the battery pack from the toilet, connect the charger to any general power outlet and plug the charger into the battery. The charge time is approximately 6 hours.


Who installs the toilet?

The Milu Odourless Toilets must be installed by a qualified plumber in accordance with AS/NZS 3500, depending on your installation, an electrician may also be required. It is advisable to check with your plumber on this.


How much does it cost to install?

Installation costs will vary depending on the type of installation (new build vs. renovation or replacing your existing toilet) and your plumbing contractor. For new builds, additional costs will be negligible. There may be a small labour component for your plumber to familiarise themselves with the product. For a renovation, again the additional costs will be negligible.

If you are replacing your existing toilet, we recommend consulting with your plumber and confirming an installation price before proceeding. You should consult with them over the water inlet location and floor waste set-out. There may be additional cost for an electrician to install a power source, if you do not want to use the Battery Pack.

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