PIR Motion Sensor (12V)


Expella’s Ceiling Mounted PIR Sensor Switch automatically activates a 12 volt fan when a person is detected within range. The sensor switch is compact and is designed to sit discreetly on the ceiling. This product is compatible with Milu Odourless toilets and Expella’s Mini Box Fan.

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Compatible with Milu Odourless toilets. Compatible with the Expella Mini Box Fan. Designed for installation on the ceiling (70mm ceiling cut-out). 2mm DC plug and socket for easy connection

Automatically activates a Milu Odourless toilet or 12 Volt fan when motion is detected. Once motion is detected, the odourless fan switches on and remains on while motion is present. When no motion is present, the fan runs for 5 minutes before turning off. The sensor field of view has been designed to function within a small space to isolate the operating zone and minimise false triggers.