Effective ventilation can prevent condensation and mould in your home.

Prevent condensation
and mould

Mould is often referred to as the ‘silent creeping enemy’ and for good reason. Mould not only looks unsightly but can be harmful to our health. It’s important to prevent the build-up of excess moisture to avoid mould taking hold in the home, particularly in wet areas such as the bathroom and laundry. 

 Common symptoms experienced from exposure to mould include:  

  • Cold symptoms such as runny nose, cough, wheezing and eye irritation 
  • Skin irritations 
  • Respiratory infections 

Those with weakened immune systems and respiratory conditions such as asthma can also experience worsened symptoms due to mould exposure. 

Mould is a serious problem 

 The problem of mould in homes is so serious that in 2018, the federal government launched an inquiry into mould-related illnesses and moisture in buildings.  The inquiry heard details of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), covering a wide range of debilitating symptoms that are often difficult to diagnose and treat effectively. These include chronic fatigue, “brain fog”, unexplained weight gain, numbness and tingling. The inquiry looked at links between mould in buildings and CIRS, identifying the need to improve building standards around moisture control.  

There is a range of simple measures we can all take to avoid excess moisture in the home and mould: 

  • Fix any leaky taps, roofs or broken pipes. It’s important to put a stop to any moisture that is making its way into your house.   
  • When weather permits, keep doors and windows open on at least 2 opposite sides of your home, so air can circulate freely.  
  • After your shower, squeegee the shower screen and tile surfaces, so moisture isn’t left sitting. 
  • Don’t leave damp clothes sitting in the washing machine, and avoid drying wet clothes indoors. If you must set up a clothes rack, ensure it is in a well-ventilated space. 

Ventilation is key

Mould thrives on excess moisture (which spores love), organic matter (such as dust and dead skin cells) and warm temperatures, so keeping these in check with effective ventilation is vital in keeping your home free from mould.  

Ensuring your wet areas are well-ventilated is a must, and installing an exhaust fan in your bathroom and laundry is a great start. Expella’s range of exhaust fans and ventilation kits are effective, easy to install, affordable and boast a contemporary minimal design.  

Expella’s revolutionary Humidity Sensor Switch was developed to detect high levels of humidity in a confined area such as a bathroom or laundry, and automatically activate an exhaust fan. Slimline, discreet (about the size of a downlight), and easy to install, the Humidity Sensor Switch provides permanent control of humidity levels in the home, and gives homeowners and landlords alike peace of mind that moisture and mould is being kept at bay.  

To keep high quality air flowing throughout your entire house, Expella’s whole house Heat Recovery ventilation system creates a hygienic micro-climate, extracting warm air outside and re-introducing filtered air back into the home, providing continual clean air at a comfortable temperature. 

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