man inspecting rotting floor with torch

Prevent structural problems

Persistent condensation and moisture can have just as big an impact to your home as a rain or groundwater leak, especially in areas that can’t be seen such as roof and wall cavities. It is important to quickly deal with any moisture and damp issues in the home, to prevent costly damage to any of your structural elements. 

When condensation is left unchecked it can accumulate into problems of corrosion, decay and microbial hazards such as mould, particularly in the colder months. Water responds to gravity to accumulate, run, drip and pond and The Australian Building Codes Board’s Condensation in Buildings Handbook highlights consequences of condensation in areas of a building. These include rotting of the roof structure, dripping from underside of roofing, tracking along roof frame, ponding on eaves lining, wetting of insulation and ponding at base of wall frames. 

The solution 

The very simple solution for preventing structural problems caused by condensation is ventilation. Expella’s whole house ventilation system with Heat Recovery creates a hygienic micro-climate within your home. Warm internal air is extracted from the premises and passes through the ‘heat exchanger’ before being exhausted outside, then filtered air is introduced back into the home, providing continual clean air at a comfortable temperature. This contributes to greater comfort and an overall reduction of humidity and moisture in the home. 

Another more focused ventilation product is Expella’s Sub Floor Kit. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Sub Floor Kit quietly extracts damp air from under the house minimising risk of damage from rot, mould and termites.  

By being aware of the consequences of condensation build-up in the home, home owners can implement ventilation measures to ensure any damage to their home’s structure is prevented.

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