Healthy home ventilation solutions

Expella healthy home ventilation solutions

Our vision is to create healthy, energy efficient homes and work places with our innovative ventilation products

Expella cares about the indoor environment and how it affects our wellbeing. Our innovative, discreet and energy efficient ventilation products are helping create healthier and more sustainable homes and work places across the country. Established in 2005, we have a reputation for quality, and we’re proudly Australian owned and operated.

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Shadowline Diffuser wins Gold at the Good Design Awards

Shadowline Diffuser wins Gold at the Good Design Awards

“This is a great innovation that achieves the design intent of being nearly invisible after installation, without compromising on ventilation.

2021 Good Design Awards Jury comment

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Milu Odourless toilet wins Best in Class at the Good Design Awards

Milu Odourless toilet wins Best in Class at the Good Design Awards

“A clever blend of design and technology innovation brought together to resolve an age old problem. This has the potential for significant commercial impact on the toilet market, particularly in commercial fit-outs that tend towards in-wall cisterns. A potential game-changer for this market. True design innovation that solves a problem and has the potential to make a positive impact on the quality of our lives.”

2020 Good Design Awards Jury comment

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Expella's Humidity Sensor awarded Gold at the Good Design Awards

“Clean looking and nicely detailed – an elegant balance of form and function. Smart application of automation with simple yet fit-for-purpose design that eliminates unnecessary exhaust fan running costs. All homes should have these installed in wet areas. No fuss design for a functional product – well done”

2020 Good Design Awards Jury comment

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    Milu Odourless toilets and discreetly integrated inline ventilation solutions

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    Natura Macquarie Park

    Pre-construction exhaust system testing, custom components, ventilation system installation

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    The Grounds Braddon

    Ceiling Mounted Humidity Sensors, EMF Inline Fans and Compact Linear Bar Grilles

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    What people are saying about our products and services

    Milu Odourless toilet

    My family and I have been so pleased with the toilets. They are stylish, functional and there is never any smell – ever! It works perfectly by removing the odour at the source and it certainly does what it claims.

    Michelle Layland
    Designer, Envirotecture
    Elanora, NSW

    Expella Linear Slot Grilles, Expella Slimline Diffuser, Elicent MRF Roof Fans, Expella Humidity Sensor

    Our brief for Wesley and the Expella team was that we didn't want the grills to look like regular fans, we didn't want any steam, and we didn't want to hear them! Pleased to say they exceeded our expectations and we're incredibly happy with the products and service received.

    Kate and Russell Barry
    Manly, NSW

    Expella Shadowline Diffuser, AXC150TP Fans, Subfloor Ventilation Kit

    We installed several Expella fans in our new home project and we were thoroughly impressed by the quality of the fans - they do a great job! In addition, the Expella team provided excellent customer service from recommending the right fan, to supporting our builder during installation, as well as ongoing maintenance. We would highly recommend Expella fans to homebuilders or renovators.

    Renovation customer
    Clovelly, NSW

    Elicent AXC160TP Fan

    I am reaching out to say thank you for the fantastic ventilation system. We were having considerable problems with mould in various part of our house due to warm weather and stagnant air, which was causing us concern with two young children in the house. Your Teams inspection and subsequent recommendation led to us installing Elicent AXC160TP fans. Since they were installed, we have not had any mould issues, now going on two years, and the fans are incredibly quiet. Thanks again for your help, we really appreciate it.

    Rob Rattray
    Collaroy, NSW

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    Expella’s team draws on over 50 years of construction and mechanical installation experience to develop, supply and install products that improve indoor air quality.

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