Loft bathroom in Alexander House featuring Expella's Milu Odourless toilet and pink marble Rosso Cream Tiles

Product Showcase

Alexander House


Alexander &CO.



Fairweather Constructions


The project and the brief:

Alexander House is the new home of acclaimed architects and designers Alexander &CO. Located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, the brand new four level space completed in 2020 was designed and built behind an existing heritage façade. The space aims ‘to challenge preconceptions of home, land, family and work’, it feels like a house and functions as a non-traditional office environment – ‘a purpose-built live/work set-up’.

The space has also been designed as an ‘architectural showcase’ allowing Alexander &Co.’s clients to see, touch and interact with materials and products inside the space.

Principal Jeremy Bull briefed the Expella team to provide innovative ventilation solutions that would blend seamlessly with the interiors and contribute to a healthy, comfortable and productive live/work space


Expella’s solution

Expella’s ventilation solutions feature discreetly across all three of the stunning bathrooms.

  • Milu Odourless in-wall toilets are used in the three bathrooms at Alexander House. These are an ideal solution for the shared bathrooms in the live/work space, ensuring discretion and a more pleasant environment for the team and their visitors. The range of premium flush plate finishes available for Milu Odourless toilets meant that there was a design to match the unique character of each bathroom.
  • Expella’s Shadowline Diffusers are used together with AXCTP150 inline fans ensuring the ventilation system is almost invisible whilst keeping the bathrooms free of moisture and steam.
  • Expella’s Linear Slot Grille is used in combination with the AXCTP150 inline fan to ventilate the steam shower.

Expella at Alexander House

“Wes and the Expella team have grown with our practice over the last decade, and Alexander House was an excellent opportunity to bring Expella, and their suite of products into our showcase.

Their ventilation solutions are without peer. Their service, support and follow through are extraordinary. There isn’t a project that we do, that we would do without Expella.”

Jeremy Bull
Principal, Alexander &CO.