Shadowline Wall Pro


The Shadowline Wall Pro is an internal ceiling grille that is designed to be discreet – almost invisible.  The concealed grille sits at the wall/ceiling junction with a narrow slot set into the ceiling, allowing air to be supplied or extracted from an interior space.

Made from a custom aluminium extrusion is designed for optimum performance.

This grille can be used with inline ventilation systems or ducted air conditioning systems (select the insulated option for AC systems).

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  • Aluminium profile designed for optimal airflow and efficiency.
  • Modular design which can be extended to fit wall length.
  • Creates unique detail between wall and ceiling whilst providing an invisible exhaust system.
  • Shadowline Wall Pro creates a rigid structure that secures the ceiling sheet.
  • Multiple fixing options using clip-in fasteners and is compatible with Rondo suspended ceilings.
  • Can be fitted with a typical LED strip light (supplied separately).
  • Designed and made in Australia.  Australian Design No 202112803



  • To be used with an air handling system: exhaust, return and supply systems (fan and ducting not included).
  • Suitable for interior applications.
  • Can be installed by a home handyman or industry professional (electrician or air-conditioning installer).


  • Extension kit (1 metre lengths)
  • Insulated option for ducted air conditioning systems
  • LED Light Strip