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Minimise heating
and cooling costs

Heating and cooling Australian homes accounts for between 20% to 50% of energy usage, depending on the climate zone, according to the Commonwealth of Australia (Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources). That’s a significant amount, and worth closer investigation.  

What can we do to reduce our energy usage and thus our heating and cooling costs? 

 There are some simple measures home owners can take, to assist with maintaining a comfortable living environment:

  • Landscaping outside areas to maximise shade over the house  
  • Ensure your home is well-insulated 
  • Install a light-coloured roof that reflects rather than absorbs heat can also be beneficial 
  • Regularly maintain heating, cooling and ventilation systems so they are working at their optimal performance. This will not only reduce running costs but make your system last longer.  

Effective Ventilation 

Ventilation is one of the most widely accepted ways to cool a building, that is both energy-efficient and cost effective.  

Expella’s whole house Heat Recovery ventilation system reduces heating and cooling costs by creating a micro-climate within your home. The system extracts warm internal air and passes it through the ‘heat exchanger’ before being exhausted outside. The fresh air is then introduced from outside which is filtered before passing through the ‘heat exchanger’ where it recuperates the heat released by the extracted air. 

Expella’s Heat Transfer Kit is another effective tool, reducing the demand on heating and cooling by making existing systems more efficient. The kits are an ideal way to balance the temperature in the home by evenly distributing energy from a heating or cooling source, such as a fireplace, heater or air conditioning unit, throughout the home. 

Ventilation technology has come a long way. By implementing quality ventilation products, home owners can go a long way in maximising the effectiveness of their heating and cooling systems and reducing the costs associated with running them.

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