Milu Odourless by Expella logo next to a cutaway render of the Milu Odourless toilet showing the patented odour control system


The ‘game-changing’ toilet that eliminates odours

Google ‘how to prevent toilet odour’ and you’ll find all sorts of weird and wonderful hacks. From setting toilet paper alight and using scented candles, to putting fabric softener in your toilet tank, these so-called solutions can be downright dangerous or lead to major plumbing issues that ruin the mechanics of your toilet system.

But there is a scientifically proven solution to this embarrassing problem, and it doesn’t involve combustible materials, ruining your plumbing or harmful aerosols and air fresheners.

Introducing the Milu Odourless Toilet.

View the range online here and visit a Milu Odourless stockist to purchase or see the latest in toilet innovations for yourself.


Six reasons you’ll LOVE the Milu Odourless toilet 

1. Say goodbye to nasty toilet smells

The stylish Milu range looks and functions like a regular toilet with one very important difference, the award-winning Odour Control Device (OCD) that is hidden inside the cistern. This in-built ventilation system quietly and discreetly extracts odours from the toilet bowl as a person uses the toilet and discharges them straight into the sewer, preventing unpleasant smells from entering the bathroom and spreading to other parts of the home.

2. Scientifically proven

Removing toilet smells at the source is proven to be more efficient than conventional bathroom ventilation. The Milu Odour Control technology has been rigorously tested by independent experts and assessors, including The University of New South Wales’ Hydraulics Lab and Odour Emissions Lab, who assessed the device as being up to 99.7% effective at removing unwanted odours.

3. A more hygienic toilet

All Milu Odourless toilets have a hygienic antibacterial nanoglaze finish and a rimless toilet pan with a direct flush technique that results in a more powerful flush and superior washing of the pan.

4. Award winning product

Our Milu Odourless Toilets do such an amazing job at eliminating nasty toilet odours that it won Best in Class at the 2020 Good Design Awards, with the jury calling the innovation a ‘game changer’.

5. They look great!

Milu Odourless toilets are loved by architects and interior designers, not only for their innovative technology but also for their aesthetic. There are four different designs to choose from (Mod, Crest, Clasico and Form) and each design is available in back-to-wall, and in-wall floor or wall-mounted configurations. Choose from our range of flush plates in on-trend finishes with ultraslim profiles.  There is an odourless toilet design to suit any bathroom.

6. Designed and developed here in Australia

Australian company Expella have drawn on years of specialised experience in bathroom ventilation to develop this exclusively patented technology. Our talented and highly-qualified team of designers and engineers have an created odour control device that comes fully integrated into the toilet making installation a breeze.

View the range online here and visit a Milu Odourless stockist to purchase or see the latest in toilet innovations for yourself.

More tips to keep your bathroom smelling good all the time 

  • Allow fresh air into the bathroom
  • Keep it clean
  • Use essential oils
  • Don’t leave damp towels lying around and wash them regularly