Concealed Odourless Cistern Wall Hung

In-wall cistern and frame for wall hung pan

The cistern is hidden inside the wall cavity and the pan is elevated off the floor to increase spacial perception in the bathroom.

  • The concealed cistern comes with Expella’s patented inbuilt ventilation system
  • Adjustable fixing brackets to simplify installation
  • Universal elbow (trap)
  • Universal cistern design may be compatible with other floor mounted pans (see instruction manual for details to ensure compatibility)
  • Designed and manufactured by Expella for the Australian market
  • The support frame is designed to support and secure the pan to the wall, elevating the pan off the floor and giving the bathroom a sense of space and opulence
  • Compact, rigid and easy to handle
  • Compatible with any wall hung pan with compatible flush pipe and mounting stud positions (see instruction manual for details)
  • The support frame securely bolts to the wall studs (600mm spacing) and floor.  It supports the weight and external loads for both the concealed cistern and the wall hung pan.