REC DUO Heat Recovery Unit


The REC Duo Heat Recovery Unit provides continual fresh air at a comfortable temperature. This product utilises two mini Heat Recovery Units that work together to push and pull air. The units incorporate a ceramic heat exchanger that stores the heat from the extracted air during the pull cycle and warms the new fresh air during the push cycle. It is 90% effective at recovering heat from the indoor air whilst supplying fresh air.

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  • REC Duo is an affordable and compact Heat Recovery unit suitable for continuous running.
  • Suitable for single room or dual room applications in the home.
  • It is recommended that this product be installed by an industry professional (electrician or air conditioning installer).
  • The REC Duo 100 is a compact Heat Recovery unit suitable to continuous running (24 hours/day). This unit has two speeds. The maximum speed is activated by an external switch (not included). The unit has a built in adjustable run-on timer that can continue running at maximum speed for up to 30minutes before reverting to minimum speed.
  • The REC DUO Plus is suitable for continuous running (24 hours/day). It has a built in humidity sensor (adjustable from 45 to 85% of relative humidity) to automatically activate boost speed. The speed increases/decreases progressively according to the detected humidity level. In the event of persistent and high concentration of humidity, the unit automatically switches to the extraction mode. This model comes with a remote control for easy manual control.
  • Provides continual clean fresh air at a comfortable temperature, reducing home heating and cooling costs
  • 90% efficient at recovering heat
  • Prevents allergens from multiplying within the home and removes pollutants from outside air
  • Mitigates dampness and condensation, preventing mould and protecting the home
  • Multi speed, low energy consumption EC motor 1 Watt at low speed, 2.8 Watts at high speed
  • Compact with ultra-slim front cover
  • Quiet operation – 15dBA at low speed
  • Remote control operation (Rec Duo Plus only)
  • Integrated class G3 air filter