Shadowline Round Diffuser


The Shadowline Round Diffuser is a discreet, flangeless internal ceiling grille that allows air to be channeled through ventilation or air conditioning systems.  The diffuser has a round profile with a primed centre panel that is ready for painting, resulting in a finish that blends seamlessly with the ceiling.

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  • Set into the ceiling for a seamless and discreet look
  • Designed for optimal airflow and efficiency
  • Primed centre panel ready for painting to provide a consistent finish with ceiling
  • Acts as a service panel for in-ceiling services
  • Low profile for restricted ceiling space
  • Designed and assembled in Australia
  • Suitable for supply and exhaust applications
  • To be used in conjunction with an inline fan such as the EMF150 (recommended) and ducting
  • Suitable for interior applications including: bathrooms, laundries and general kitchen ventilation
  • Can be installed by a home handyman or industry professional (electrician or airconditioning installer)


  • Insulated option for ducted air conditioning systems