Milu Odourless Mod installed in a newly renovated bathroom on the left and the Linear Slot Grille sits above the shower on the right

Product Showcase

Waterloo Office

The brief:

Expella’s client required a system to ventilate the bathrooms in their newly renovated commercial office in Alexandria. The contemporary urban fit-out required a discreet ventilation system for six bathroom spaces that would extract steam, minimise condensation and remove unpleasant odour.

Expella’s Solution
  • Milu Mod Back-to-wall Odourless Toilet suites for each bathroom to extract unpleasant toilet odour at the source and improve the comfort of office staff.
  • A ducted inline ventilation system servicing all 6 bathrooms, ensuring air is kept fresh by extracting damp and stale air.
  • Expella’s Linear Slot Grille installed in each bathroom. This product was specified for its streamlined and minimal appearance, ensuring the discreet integration of ventilation systems into the spaces.