Why a rimless toilet is the most hygienic choice for your home

What is a rimless toilet?

As the name suggests, a rimless toilet is quite simply a toilet without a rim inside the pan.

Rimless toilets are the latest in modern toilet design and have quickly become the popular choice when it comes to installing a new toilet due to the many benefits they offer in terms of hygiene and performance.

Toilet cleanliness is an important aspect of keeping the home environment safe, clean and free from harmful germs and disease.

How does a rimless toilet work?

Compared to a traditional rimmed toilet, rimless toilets use a direct flush technique that evenly distributes water around the entire bowl. The result is a more powerful flush and superior washing of the bowl.


What are the advantages of a rimless toilet?

  • Rimless toilets are much easier to clean as there are no hidden corners of the bowl for dirt and bacteria to accumulate. The bowl is cleaned to a high standard with every flush, and the need for frequent cleaning with harsh chemicals is reduced
  • With toilet rims a breeding ground for germs, rimless toilets offer a far more hygienic solution than rimmed toilets
  • Some traditional rimmed toilets don’t drain completely and can be a source of mould growth. The unique design and superior flushing of rimless toilets means this isn’t a concern.
  • Due to the direct flush technology, there is less splashing of water during the flush which reduces the amount of airborne waste particles
  • The stronger direct flush spreads water more evenly, cleaning the entire surface of bowl much more effectively than traditional rimmed toilet bowls
  • The sleek design of rimless toilets is a clean and modern addition to all styles of bathroom
  • At an appealing price point, rimless toilets don’t cost much more than a traditional toilet, making them a worthwhile investment for all of the benefits they bring



All Milu Odourless toilets come with rimless design as standard

The entire range of Milu Odourless toilets feature rimless bowls and direct flush technology as standard. Combined with Expella’s exclusive in-built ventilation system that eliminates toilet odours at the source, Milu Odourless toilets offer homeowners everything they need for a contemporary, hygienic toilet.