Ceiling Exhaust Fan


The Expella Ceiling Fan has a unique slimline cover plate and is capable of exhausting up to 270 cubic meters of air per hour.

With integrated fixing lugs, this light weight fan is easy to install and is a cost effective bathroom ventilation solution for most residential and light commercial exhaust applications.

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Ceiling mounted.

To be used in conjunction with an external grille and flexible or rigid ducting (not  included).

Suitable for single room applications.

Can be installed by a home handyman or industry professional (electrician or air conditioning installer).

Slimline face plate for a discreet look.

Easy to clean and maintain.

A wider fan blade with increased blade angle ensures higher air flow and quiet operation.

Centrifugal motor ensures high performance when connected to long lengths of ducting.

Integrated non-return damper that prevents air coming back through the fan when it is switched off.

Comes with integrated fixing lugs to simplify installation.

Light weight fan housing which simplifies installation (no need for an additional support frame).

Comes with a 3 pin plug and lead making installation easy.