Shadowline Wall – Original


An internal ceiling grille that allows air to be channeled through the ventilation system. This product is designed to be discreet – almost invisible, sitting in the shadow line of a ceiling or at the wall / ceiling junction.

The Shadowline Wall – Original diffuser has a modular design, comes in 1200mm lengths and offers a cost-effective solution for a premium architectural feature.

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  • The product has a modular design so that the unit can be extended to any length to suit any wall size
  • Comes in 1200mm lengths
  • Maintains the aesthetic quality of modern interior design by being almost invisible – sitting at the junction of a wall and ceiling
  • Easy to install,
  • No ongoing maintenance required
  • Galvanised sheet metal with powdercoat finish
  • Australian Design No 202014240
  • Suitable for residential exhaust applications
  • To be used in conjunction with an inline fan such as the EMF150 (recommended) and ducting
  • Suitable for interior applications including: bathrooms and laundries,
  • Can be installed by a home handyman or industry professional (electrician or airconditioning installer)


  • LED Light Strip